Coffee Sardella is a true story of love for coffee, born in Sicilia in 1911. Currently the family is the fourth generation in the commitment to maintain high quality through the selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee among the finest in the world in order to provide a high a quality product.

The Arabica variety as Santos and Colombia coffee grows to 800/1500 meters above sea level,

has a grain elongated green / blue.

In cup looks aromatic, sweet and delicate, sometimes fruity.

It is characterized by alow caffeine content of between 0.8 and 1.5%.

The Robusta variety as the Indian coffee and the Santo Domingo is grown at low altitude between 200 and

600 meters above sea level. The grain of yellow / brown has more rounded .In cup is characterized by a

stronger taste, more body and a caffeine content between the '1.7 and 3.5% .In the preparation of espresso

differences start from the milling: grains are more robust hard and require a finer grind with a consequent

greater suspension of powdered coffee into the cup.

The robust bears less high temperatures (even for the lowest oil content), its cream is thicker, and the espresso obtained

has more body, but also less fineness, since there is a greater extraction of the substances vegetable.


Caffè Sardella


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